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Enterprise Partners 
  Intended for Small/Medium Enterprises who could benefit from exposure to our Colorado Ivy+ Women community.
Heartfelt thanks to our launching Enterprise Partners:
Hubu Design Founder Martha Hutchinson (Cornell) is a member of CIW and freely devoted her time, creativity and talent to design our logo and banner.

hubu is a full-service graphic design studio focused upon providing each client innovative solutions that communicate eloquently. hubu is dedicated to quality, client satisfaction, and environmentally thoughtful approaches during each stage of the design process. Collaboration, strategic research and creative possibilities are all part of hubu’s approach for delivering unique and simple design solutions (no clutter!) that catch the eye.

CLO-Communications Founder Carrie Osgood (Pratt Institute / UCSC) has been a long-time, vibrant thread in our community and has offered to lead the re-launch and further development of our CIW monthly newsletter, which will feature Ivy+ Inspirations and Insights, feature alumnae accomplishments, highlight upcoming events, and be a source of learning for our community.

CLO-Communications translates complexity into clarity by providing effective visual and verbal solutions to complex communication challenges across all media. CLO helps businesses large and small define their distinctive voice, organize and clarify their messaging and infuse their brand into their strategic storytelling, creative content and presentations across all formats and platforms.
Our Partners Program is under development and we are seeking an alumna to help us build and lead this Initiative. If you would like to lead or participate in this team, please contact Dare Rosebery